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Digital Marketing in 2019 

Digital Marketing in 2019 

What is digital marketing and how’s it different in 2019? There’s more to digital marketing than having a website. It is broken down into the different ways your business finds people who are searching for products or services online. But that’s not all; it’s also about brand awareness; social proofing and developing a strategy that will help your business stand out from the ever-increasing crowd trying to market their business online. The internet is an ever-changing place and these are the 7 things internet marketers are currently implementing to make their digital marketing campaign successful.

Making a vision out of their digital marketing plans

Often times businesses of all sizes start with the tactics – websites, chatbots, search ads – without a clear vision for the bigger picture. Whether you are initiating your digital marketing efforts or have been running digital marketing for some time, it is helpful to create or revise your plan to be sure that you’re spending your time and resources as effectively as possible.

Listening to their users’ demands

Listening is the first and most important step – some say it is unexpectedly the most valuable step in this process! Take some time to look at your competitors, other industry players, and your target audience. The biggest challenge in growing your business with digital marketing is to have good ideas and execute them with excellence, and this step will help with both of these.

Having a Marketing Strategy

Clearly define your goal, strategy and objectives so that you have a clear idea of how your efforts will contribute to your bottom line. While this may seem obvious – grow sales, gain donations, increase registrations, etc. – clearly defining what drives your goal will add focus and effectiveness to your execution.

Knowing their Target Audience

The more clearly you define your target audience the better results you will get. Digital marketing allows us to use precision marketing to reach the exact right person at the exact right time with the exact right message. The challenge is knowing your audience specifically and intimately enough to execute this.

Curating the right content

While content is ultimately a part of the execution of each channel, it’s usually helpful to determine the content that your audience is interested in upfront. Crafting compelling content that breaks through digital clutter is key to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Using the right tools

There are TONS of digital marketing channels and tools that you could use – websites, Facebook, email, CRM, etc. The key is choosing the right tools to meet your business objectives and focusing your efforts smartly.  Here are some must-have tools.

Implementing what they’ve discovered

Implementing with excellence can make or break your success. Often with digital marketing the devil is in the details and maintaining excellence and using best practices is crucial.

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