What Should Be On Your Website Design Checklist?

Are you about to start a website? Are you finally going to bring to life the idea you’ve had for so long, and see what it does online? Then you are no doubt excited about launching the site as quickly as possible. But you might want to get a website design checklist in place first. Yes, there are certain things you want to keep in mind as you go about setting up the site.

This article will give you some of the most common factors that influence the overall success of a website. They include:

The Purpose Of The Site 

If you want the design to work well, you need to have a clear idea of what you’ll be using the site for. Are you going to start an e-commerce platform? Will you be selling some service? What type of interaction do you want on the site? Does it need to look professional, funky, or casual?

These questions help you to narrow down the options in terms of the design. And the more targeted you design the site, the more online users it will attract.

The Balance Between Functionality And Visual Appeal 

It would seem like a good idea to go all-out and try every trick in the design book. And this approach is understandable, seeing as you want the site to look pleasant and appealing to everyone that comes across it. But there is a reason why minimalist designs have been enjoying so much attention.

The truth is that you don’t want to distract users from what’s ultimately important, which is the content of the site. So, you want to think about how many complexities you throw into the design and how they will support the functionality because the last thing you want is a website that looks great but doesn’t do anything special.

The Responsiveness And Adaptability 

As you know, you can use many different devices to access the internet. And depending on the device you use, you are bound to have a different experience. This means that websites have to be created in such a way that they quickly adapt to different device requirements. Thus, the user will have a great experience, regardless of the device they use.

The User Navigation 

You don’t want to create a maze for your visitors, and neither do you want to make it difficult for them to find their way. Instead, you want them to quickly find what they are looking for and without much hassle.

The Loading Speed 

As you learn more and add to your website design checklist, you’ll realize how important it is for search engine visibility. And the loading speed of the site is one of those elements that don’t just keep visitors happy, but search engines pick up on it as well. So make sure the features you add to your website don’t drag down the loading speed.

Even though this is a pretty good website design checklist to work from, there is no harm in finding more tips and tricks. The more detailed you can get, the better. To get expert assistance, consult with a trusted vendor like Devine Solutions Group | #1 Web Design Firm and digital marketing agency has helped dozens of clients achieve their goals and are very affordable.

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Digital Marketing in 2019 

What is digital marketing and how’s it different in 2019? There’s more to digital marketing than having a website. It is broken down into the different ways your business finds people who are searching for products or services online. But that’s not all; it’s also about brand awareness; social proofing and developing a strategy that will help your business stand out from the ever-increasing crowd trying to market their business online. The internet is an ever-changing place and these are the 7 things internet marketers are currently implementing to make their digital marketing campaign successful.

Making a vision out of their digital marketing plans

Often times businesses of all sizes start with the tactics – websites, chatbots, search ads – without a clear vision for the bigger picture. Whether you are initiating your digital marketing efforts or have been running digital marketing for some time, it is helpful to create or revise your plan to be sure that you’re spending your time and resources as effectively as possible.

Listening to their users’ demands

Listening is the first and most important step – some say it is unexpectedly the most valuable step in this process! Take some time to look at your competitors, other industry players, and your target audience. The biggest challenge in growing your business with digital marketing is to have good ideas and execute them with excellence, and this step will help with both of these.

Having a Marketing Strategy

Clearly define your goal, strategy and objectives so that you have a clear idea of how your efforts will contribute to your bottom line. While this may seem obvious – grow sales, gain donations, increase registrations, etc. – clearly defining what drives your goal will add focus and effectiveness to your execution.

Knowing their Target Audience

The more clearly you define your target audience the better results you will get. Digital marketing allows us to use precision marketing to reach the exact right person at the exact right time with the exact right message. The challenge is knowing your audience specifically and intimately enough to execute this.

Curating the right content

While content is ultimately a part of the execution of each channel, it’s usually helpful to determine the content that your audience is interested in upfront. Crafting compelling content that breaks through digital clutter is key to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Using the right tools

There are TONS of digital marketing channels and tools that you could use – websites, Facebook, email, CRM, etc. The key is choosing the right tools to meet your business objectives and focusing your efforts smartly.  Here are some must-have tools.

Implementing what they’ve discovered

Implementing with excellence can make or break your success. Often with digital marketing the devil is in the details and maintaining excellence and using best practices is crucial.

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Finding the Right Digital Marketing Agency 

Currently, the internet is one of the most used tools in marketing. This has led to developments of a lot of digital marketing agencies. Some of these agencies are frauds and scams. Therefore they can’t add any value to your business. Due to this, choosing the best advertising agency has become quite challenging. This means you have to take your time to distinguish good agencies from the bad ones otherwise you will end up wasting your money on a scam. Also since marketing plays a very crucial role in your business, the agency you choose will also determine the rate at which your business will succeed. Below are some of the tips that can help you in finding the right digital marketing agency.

Services offered by the agency

Some of the services offered by digital marketing agencies include; search engine optimization, web design, email marketing, online advertisement, social media marketing, and many others. Therefore when looking for a digital marketing agency you should consider the services they offer. This because you have to choose an agency that offers the services that you require. Also, you can choose a full serviced agency that offers almost all the services. A good agency should also offer as many services as possible.

Credibility and experience

Once you have shortlisted the agencies that offer the service you require, then you need to check their experience and credibility. You can do this by searching the agency’s name on the internet. This will reveal a lot of information about the company including customer reviews, expertise. You can also use some of the agency’s clients to determine whether the agency can be trusted. Remembers you should ask for client references who were satisfied and those who were not satisfied. You can also use their website to determine their experience. A good marketing agency should have a decent website and social media pages. An agency’s online presence may also help.


Any good agency should have a good support system. To determine how efficient a digital marketing agency’s support is, you can contact them via their web and see how long it takes them to respond. You can also call and gauge how knowledgeable their supports staffs are in marketing their agency.

The amount the agency charges

Digital marketing is a business investment. Like any other investment, you have to have a precise budget. Therefore when choosing a digital marketing agency, you have to consider the one within your budget.

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